Tom Brady Has Epic Response to Tony Romo’s Super Bowl Prediction

Super Bowl LIII is a hot topic these days, and everyone has their own prediction of the final match. Tony Romo surprised us with his way-too-early prediction, and it’s the last thing you saw coming. But, the New England Patriots quarterback star Tom Brady doesn’t agree with any of that.

“Oh, if I had to pick right now? It’s pretty early. The thing about the NFL is things change pretty fast. Injuries happen. A lot of stuff happens. If I was picking right now, I’d probably go with … I’d probably go with Green Bay vs. Jacksonville. I think that would be just a tentative rough guess here in the summer months,” Romo said. Guess what Tom Brady did next…

So, the former Cowboys quarterback says that Tom Brady won’t play in the NFL’s most important game. His believes that the Packers and Jaguars will play in Atlanta on Feb. 3, 2019.


The Pats quarterback has a lot on his mind this offseason, and the training camp will begin within several days. He doesn’t really have a way of amusing himself, and Instagram is the only platform that offers details about his private/professional life.

Brady noticed that the NFL shared Romo’s prediction, and left his comment. Classy.

“We will see Tony, we will see,” the quarterback commented. The reply may look innocent, but this is just Brady’s passive-aggressive reaction. According to him the Jaguars have no chances of winning over his team.
Aaron Rodgers responded to Romo’s pick. He disagrees with him, of course. “I wish that he wouldn’t say things like that because it’s kind of better to fly under-the-radar sometimes, especially in the NFC,” Rodgers noted.

Well, it’s more than sure that New England will play in the final game. Why would Romo say anything like this?

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