Watch: Heartwarming Moment When Tom Brady Met Twins Named After Him

Mr. Tom Brady, meet Tom and Brady.

Yes, that actually happened. Brian and Grace Caffyn live in Hong Kong, but their hearts are with the New England Patriots. And besides the Patriots’ Super Bowl XLIX victory over the Seattle Seahawks, the Caffyns had another reason to celebrate.

Shortly after Patriots’ win, the couple welcomed twins to their family. And they had come up with the best idea to honor those two moments. As an homage to their favorite quarterback, they chose to name the two boys Tom and Brady.

The Caffyns were in Foxboro on Thursday as the Patriots opened training camp, so they took the chance to introduce Brady to the two boys named after him. The ensuing moment was touching.

“You’re Tom, but I’m Tom too,” said the quarterback. “We got the same name.”

The twins’ father said he was inspired to name the boys after Brady in the wake of the Patriots’ dramatic Super Bowl win.

“They were born like two months after the Seattle game so I was pretty charged up,” Caffyn said.

What’s more, he gave Brady the middle name Edelman after another New England star.

“You gotta meet Julian,” Tom Brady said in response. “He’s out here somewhere.”

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