Cordarrelle Patterson is Flattered by Tom Brady’s Greeting

The New England Patriots released wide receivers Jordan Matthews, Malcolm Mitchell and Kenny Britt. This opened the door for Cordarrelle Patterson, and he hoped to get a huge role now that Julian Edelman is suspended.

“He’s been doing it for 19 years, and every locker room I’ve been in, people are talking about him. Everyone that played with him would say how good and humble of a guy he is, he’s the GOAT, and you’d just hear a lot of good things about him. But you really don’t know a guy until you get beside him, and hear him, listen to what he’s saying. He is a great guy and one thing I’ve seen: He comes in each and every morning with a smile on his face, and he’s leaving with a smile. You need that out of your quarterback, out of your GM [on the field],” Brady said of Cordarrelle Patterson.

The first day I met Tom, we did a charity event here and he came up and introduced himself, ‘What’s up?’ and he said my name. I was like, ‘Damn, he knows who I am. That’s the greatest quarterback of all time and he’s saying that to little old me?’ It was an honor,” Patterson said of his first encounter with Brady.

Patterson knows that he’s making mistakes, and thinks too much. But, he’s happy with the game and has a lot of fun. The best part comes when you realize that he’s in the position that most players dream of. Patterson is ready to show everybody that he’s working hard and having fun with the team. It’s all about the little things he does for the team.

The Patriots will have their last preseason game next Thursday, and we really hope that they will get in shape. Remember what happened with the Panthers? That’s the scenario Patriots fans try to avoid.

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