Lakers Issue Major Statement Expressing Support For LeBron James

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers, meaning the organization will step in every time the NBA star needs a hand.

That’s exactly what happened at the moment President Donald Trump decided to call LeBron James ‘stupid.’ You just don’t play with the brightest star in the world of basketball.

Fans were devastated to read the President’s tweet. Many rushed to say that Trump had more important issues on his desk. I mean, who gets stuck in a catfight in the middle of the night?

So, the Lakers decided to defend one of their lead players. “We could not be more proud to have LeBron James as part of our Lakers family. He is an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent leader and clearly appreciates the power that sports has to unite communities and inspire the world to be a better place. Those efforts should be celebrated by all,” Lakers CEO & Controlling Owner Jeanie Buss said of LeBron.

Let’s not forget that President Trump made the wrong move at the wrong time. The whole comment thing happened right after King James opened the academy in his hometown. And yes, you can’t just go on Twitter and insult people.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver also released a statement in defense of LeBron. “LeBron is one of the all-time greatest NBA players and one of the most accomplished athletes. He runs a very successful media company. He’s sent hundreds of students to college and just opened a school in Akron where at-risk students will receive free tuition, meals, and transportation. I greatly admire his intelligence and business acumen and have enormous respect and admiration for what he does in his community,” he said.

Should we add more?

It seems like King James isn’t really excited about spending time with Trump either. In one of his interviews with Don Lemon he said he’d never sit across from the sitting President.

Got the point?

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