LeBron James Uses Tom and Jerry Epic Scene To Describe Relationship with Haters

It’s time for a Tom and Jerry episode.

LeBron James left Cleveland to join the Los Angeles Lakers, and haters used this to blast him. But, the king of basketball responded in the best way possible, and Tom and Jerry came really helpful here.

King James doesn’t have an army of fans that will support him at any cost. That’s fine, because we all have our fans and haters. But, LeBron is dealing with a legion of haters only because someone things that Kobe Bryant is better than him. Others just can’t get over his departure from Cleveland.

Facing so many haters can be a real challenge, and it sure drains your energy. However, the king doesn’t even think of giving up, and he responded in the most hilarious way you could ever imagine.

A simple tweet and an episode from Tom and Jerry will definitely shut down all those haters.

The message is loud and clear. These haters can say whatever pops in their mind, but none of those words will get under his skin. He’s literally untouchable. His deal is solid, the season is about to start, his family is happy, his business is growing strong, and that’s pretty much everything that matters at the moment.

LeBron doesn’t use any hard words or insults. A simple cartoon did the job for him. That’s a classic way to stop all the rumors and speculations.

We’ve seen a lot of hate lately. LeBron has made a bunch of decisions, and there were always people that disapproved it. His career is blooming, and this says pretty much everything about his past decisions. Nothing will beat the fact that LeBron James is the king of basketball. He’s doing an excellent job, and his fans support him. So does Savannah and the kids. Is there anything more important than this?

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