Look: J.R. Smith’s Comment on LeBron James’ Post Has People Calling Him Delonte West

J.R. Smith is pretty active on social media these days, and everyone will remember his comments. Yes, King James’ former Cavaliers teammate sure knows how to amuse us.

J.R. Smith spotted the Lakers forward’s mother-appreciation post, and commented “Hey mama.” This comment got people raging, and fans went crazy. Unfortunately, some of them believe that this comment is more than friendly.

This brings us to another teammate of LeBron. Delonte West. The whole thing ended up with people calling Smith the next Delonte West.

If you’re interested in the latest events in the world of basketball, you sure know pretty much everything about Delont West and the rumors associated with him. According to some sources, Delonte slept with Gloria James. Yes, LeBron’s mother. This alleged adventure had an impact on LeBron’s game in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

King James shot a 54.1 percent from the field in the first three games, and the Cleveland Cavaliers took up a 2-1 lead. However, LeBron shot a terrible 34 percent in the last three games, and lost every game from that particular moment. Did this have something to do with Delonte? There was no other excuse for his terrible game.

Well, we’re not really saying that Smith is trying to start off a romance or something like that, but his comment got people talking. But, even if this is associated with LeBron’s mom Gloria, this won’t have an impact on the Western Conference.

Let’s wait for an official statement or something like that. Maybe this was just a friendly comment. Maybe people are just misinterpreting Smith’s comment. But, we won’t make any conclusions before any of them talks on the matter. Let’s just hope that these rumors won’t impact LeBron’s game on the basketball court. He has just started his game with the Los Angeles Lakers, and it would be sad to see him losing another game.

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