Patriots Rookie Makes His Dream Come True, Gets Praised From Belichick Too

Bill Belichick knows how to recognize a talented rookie, and that’s exactly what happened Thursday night.

Rookie Ralph Webb was given the opportunity, and he used the best of his talent. Webb is a 2018 undrafted free agent, and his very first debut happened during the Patriots’ preseason opener against the Washington Redskins. He is a Vanderbilt product, and everybody noticed his presence. There were two rushing touchdowns and couple of two-point conversions. The Patriots won the game, and their 26-17 victory was more than amazing.

Webb had quite an impact on the game, and his first appearance on an NFL field was more than noticed. However, he downplayed the personal performance in favor of a bigger goal. “It’s exciting just to win. I’m excited to get this win with my team, doing everything I can to help us win,” the rookie said.

Fans were excited by his game, and the 23-year-old player sure knew how to get them out of their seats. “Just going out there and doing what I’m supposed to do. Ball is coming my way, I’m supposed to catch it and get in the end zone right there. Just playing to the best of my ability and doing my assignment on the play,” Webb said.

Belichick noticed his efforts, but wasn’t too surprised. “I think that’s pretty much what we’ve seen from Ralph all the way through. It’s what he was like at Vanderbilt: he ran hard, he’s tough. He’s not the biggest guy, but he’s got good strength for his size and he runs hard. He’s a tough kid, runs with good pad level. He’s got good speed, catches the ball well. Made a nice catch on the two-point play. It was a low ball, made a good adjustment on the catch and got it in,” the head coach added, admitting that it was nice to see Webb in game action.

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