Photos: Gisele Surprises the Birthday Boy At Patriots Training Camp

At Patriots’ Friday practice, birthday boy Tom Brady walked in on screaming fans, cheering teammates, huge cake and a balloon animal that resembled him. And that wasn’t all.

He also got another surprise waiting for him, but it wasn’t a 300-lb. lineman pouncing on him — it was his gorgeous wife, Gisele!!

TB12’s 41st birthday turned into an all-out party in Foxborough and included everything a birthday party needs… including a cutout goat. However, the best present had to be Gisele and their kids’ surprise appearance towards the end of drills.

Brady was completely caught off-guard by the adorable attack, that eventually turned into kissing and even slight butt-tapping.

Gisele previously shared a sweet birthday message for her husband on Instagram, but decided to give him an even better birthday surprise. In addition to spending time with their kids Benjamin and Vivian, Gisele and Tom just couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they shared a smooch on the field.

“Happy birthday my love! We love you so much !!! Keep on shining bright,” Gisele wrote on her Instagram post.

Bundchen’s message was short and sweet compared to last year’s 40th birthday post.

“Over 10 years ago I fell in love with you because of your beautiful and sensitive heart,” Bundchen wrote in 2017. “I love the sweetness in your essence. Today you are starting a big new chapter and I wish you so much happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Happy birthday my love! Making 40 feel like 20!!! You go @tombrady !!!! Te amo.”

Regardless, the two have been incredibly lovey-dovey lately, which was seen during their trip to Costa Rica in July.

Truth to be told, this is far better birthday surprise than the one last year, when the Patriots brought actual goats at training camp for Brady, a metaphor for his “greatest of all time” moniker.

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