Watch: LeBron James Dominates While Playing Softball With Family

Sure, LeBron James knows his way around the basketball hoop, but what about other sports? Softball, for instance. Have you ever wondered how the NBA MVP would manage with a slow-pitch softball game?

Guess what, know you can find that out.

LeBron James hit the diamond Wednesday night. and unsurprisingly… he dominated.

LBJ, family and friends took the field at University of Akron, when the King decided to try to conquer the softball field as well.

James had some fun with his wife Savannah and even robbed her of a base hit early in the game. Also, he stretched a ground ball to short into a double later and even hit this moonshot to center field.

While basketball will always be his No. 1, there is also a place for softball in LeBron’s heart, given that when he and Savannah met in high school, she was a cheerleader and a softball player.

No wonder they had do much fun playing today. Reportedly, the game lasted about four hours. The King even brought out Swensons food truck for everyone afterward!

For James, it was probably a good opportunity to get in a little team competition during the doldrums of the season, without the wear and tear of playing basketball. And according to the speech he gave his son’s AAU team about the importance of sacrifice, James loves all team sports.

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