Watch: Stephen A. Smith Destroys Max Kellerman Over Trash Talking About Brady

Tom Brady is entering the 19th season of his career, and he doesn’t think of going home. Max Kellerman doesn’t agree on this one.

The 41-year-old quarterback is doing an awesome job so far. But, none of us will ever forget how ESPN’s Max Kellerman predicted that the quarterback star is about to “fall off a cliff.” He even compared Brady to Wile E. Coyote from “Looney Tunes.” According to him, the quarterback has run off the cliff, and is about to start falling any time now.

Kellerman’s co-commentator Stephen A. Smith and NFL analyst Darren Woodson had something to say about this. But, Kellerman just said that if Brady does good in Week 1 game against the Houston Texans, he will admit he’s made a wrong prediction.

We’re looking forward to the day Kellerman admits he’s wrong.

The Patriots already finished two games in their preseason, and seem to be ready for the new season. Is there anything better than proving your haters wrong?

Head coach Bill Belichick is working really hard on the game organization. He’s been putting players in and out of the game to see what formula works best. They’re really trying to win this Super Bowl.

Last year they were almost there, but lost the most important game. How will things develop this year? Let’s just hope that Kellerman isn’t right about Brady.

The quarterback even changed his headgear to fit in NFL’s regulations that come to force in 2019. This means that he will stay around in the next couple of years. How will Kellerman respond to this? Will he still be saying that Brady is the coyote from Looney Tunes? Come on, that’s almost an insult. Brady doesn’t deserve such comments after everything he has done for the Patriots. Winning championships and stuff.

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