Luke Walton Makes Amazing Statement About LeBron Joining Lakers

LeBron James’ deal with the Los Angeles Lakers triggered an avalanche of reactions, and most fans approved his bold move. How will LeBron fit in the new team? Head coach Luke Walton isn’t really concerned about it.

The Walton  added veterans Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee, Lance Stephenson and Michael Beasley to the fold. This is a strong blend of veterans, and the Lakers core consists of young talents. Many wonder if the young players will be able to handle the pressure-filled situations. Luke Walton says that they will do a good job. “I think they’re going to do great, honestly,” he said.

“Part of what I’m hearing from other coaches is one of the things that makes LeBron so great is he picks up every single person he plays with. And he elevates their game,” Walton added. He’s pretty confident about the team’s game in the new season. LeBron James has skills and talent, and the young players will sure use some of his tips.

King James is a high IQ player with awesome court vision. His passing game is out of this world, meaning that the Lakers have a really good chance of winning the game.

LeBron will sure open up new opportunities for the team. Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart know how to make a shot, and the rest of the players will sure get better scoring opportunities.

The head coach knows that those young players will step up, as they have been preparing themselves really hard. “I know who our young players are and what they’re about. They’re excited he’s here. I think the type of players they are and type of workers they are, they’re going to have a really good year,” Walton added.

The head coach isn’t worried about James and his new role. He knows that the king of basketball will find a way to fit in the team. “Obviously, it’s going to take time,” Walton said.

Good luck, Lakers!

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