Tom Brady Reacts To Eagles Running Philly Special Again

The New England Patriots and pretty much every other team in the league watched on as the Philadelphia Eagles revealed their Super Bowl LII banner, and kicked off the season with the Atlanta Falcons. Yes, we saw the Philly Special again.

The Philly Special is an iconic play from the Super Bowl win over the Patriots. The Eagles used it against the Falcons this time. In the third quarter of the matchup, Nick Foles caught a pass on the same exact game that brought a touchdown for the Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

Eagles lineman Lane Johnson said the play was identical to the one the Patriots run. “It was the same play the Patriots used. The one that Tom dropped,” Johnson said.

When asked about the play, Tom Brady didn’t respond precisely. He just said that one team executed, and the other didn’t.

“I mean, good execution wins games, so I think that’s ultimately what we’ve got to do. When you make the plays, you either make them or you don’t and I think – I was saying to someone the other day, it’s not about projections and so forth,” Brady said.

“I was saying my son does fantasy football and he’s looking at his projections for this week and going, ‘Dad, I’m supposed to lose.’ I said, ‘Well, none of that matters because, you know, you actually got to go play the game.’ And that’s what we’re all here for – no one knows what the outcomes are going to be. You put everything you can into it. It comes down to a lot of players on the same page trying to make the right plays and throws, catches, blocks, tackles, all the fundamental stuff which we work pretty hard at. I mean, it’s a long season, we’re getting tested right off the bat and hopefully we can perform really well,” the quarterback added.

Will there be any specials this season?

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