Report: Patriots Interested In Trading For Patrick Peterson

It seems like the New England Patriots will put their hands on yet another star. Patrick Peterson.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter confirmed that the Cardinals cornerback has requested to be traded out of Arizona. The NFL Trade Deadline is almost a week away, and Patrick Peterson does not feel like fitting in the Cardinals organization. Moreover, he keeps telling people that he “desperately” wants to go. This may be his wish at the moment, and the team has been adamant that he will not be traded. Will Peterson force their hand?

The request is already out there, and there are a few predictions regarding Peterson’s top favorites. Are the Patriots on his list? Of course.

Bryant McFadden from the CBS Sports said that the cornerback told him how the Patriots are interested in acquiring him through a trade deal. If by any chance you did not know it, McFadden and Peterson’s are cousins.

Peterson is one of the top corners in the league. He was Arizona’s No.5 overall pick out of LSU in the 2011 NFL Draft. Peterson still plays at an elite level, and his two interceptions and 35 tackles are sure a thing.
If Peterson lands in Foxboro, his game with Stephon Gilmore would be unstoppable.

“As you know, a trade is a two-way street, so you have to have a trade partner, but I would say in our case, probably the other 31 teams, probably excluding the ones in our division that we’re probably not going to deal with them, but the other teams in the league I think they know that we are willing to trade. If they have a player for whatever reason they want to trade, in all honesty usually we get a call because we are a team that trades. There are some teams that do, some that don’t. I am not saying we’d make a lot of trades, but if the situation was right we would certainly consider it. We’ve made our share, so I would say for the most part we hear from teams if they have a player that there is interest in,” head coach Bill Belichick told during his appearance on WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni and Fauria.

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