Photo: Emily Ratajkowski Distracts Fans From LeBron’s Lakers Game With Insane Outfit

Attending LeBron’s game with the Los Angeles Lakers is a ‘must see,’ but not if Emili Ratajkowski is in the building. The gorgeous 27-year-old was turning heads at the Lakers. And yes, she made sure everyone knows she was in attendance.

Emily Ratajkowski had all eyes on her at the Los Angeles Lakers game. If you ask fashion gurus, Emily wore a really sexy courtside outfit – a nice white crop top and jeans. She was there to see LeBron and his teammates playing against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Should we say that Emily was braless? The atmosphere was really hot, and she made it hotter.

“Checking in on boo,” the caption read, and Emily tagged LeBron. Oh, and fans did not wait for too long before posting their comments. Emily showed off her toned body, and munched on some delicious popcorn and M&Ms. She was on the courtside with friends. Emily was not the only celebrity watching the game. She talked to Nick Jonas who was accompanied by his brother Joe.

Emily did not have her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard next to her. The couple got married earlier this year, and their wedding was definitely a surprise for us all. Emily and Sebastian got married in a secret courthouse ceremony in New York City, and the DKNY model revealed the big news on Instagram.

Not many people know about Emily’s wedding. The couple dated for a couple of weeks before the wedding ceremony.
“We knew each other for a long time before and he likes to joke like, ‘Yeah, everyone thinks we got married quickly but you vetted me for two years,’” Emily said.

“Women always know… I was always like ‘Okay, I probably shouldn’t hang out with that guy alone’…and then next thing you know I’m at the courthouse getting married. It was secret for four hours. Weddings are amazing, I want to party, I want to celebrate love and relationships, but this was just for us and it was very nice.”

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