Report: Patriots’ Reveal Gronkowski’s Status For Monday Game Vs. Packers

Tight end Rob Gronkows has a huge role in the Patriots organization, and his injuries are the team’s worst nightmare. The Patriots cannot risk losing Gronkowski, because he is the ultimate tight end. Moreover, quarterback Tom Brady and Gronk have an excellent relationship, and the Patriots rely on their chemistry.

Jim McBride of The Boston Globe reported that Rob Gronkowski was present for practice. The Patriots tight end was held out of Thursday’s practice and was listed as limited on Wednesday’s walk-through. His return to the field is a clear sign that the Patriots plan to use him in Week 9.

Fans are still looking for an official confirmation, but the team will provide an update on Gronk’s status. Gronkowski is trending toward an official “questionable” designation for Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers.

Gronkowski is making headlines these days, and seeing him leave the presser was not a good sign. The tight end was really disappointed to hear reporters ask him the same questions over and over. His lack of production in the red zone is a problem at the moment, and Gronk is super upset about it.

“We’ve got to score more points, myself get open and make plays and we’ve got to put up points when we get down there,” Gronkowski said when reporters asked him about the red zone issue.

Gronk faced serious issues earlier this season, and he was really nervous about his contract. Fortunately, the tight end had his contract re-worked. But, Gronk never thought that fans would bomb him with questions about the alleged trade. He was surprised to hear that people actually talk about trade talks that never existed. If you ask Gronk, he is happy with the current position in New England, and he does not even consider leaving his teammates. Tom Brady is his quarterback after all.

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