Watch: Patriots Share Hilarious Thanksgiving Video Inspired By ‘Friends’

The New England Patriots are all about celebrating. This time they celebrated Thanksgiving, and we could see them in a holiday spirit. The team released a creative video and wished every fan they have a happy Thanksgiving.

The Patriots used parts from the “Friends” series. “Friends” have given us so many good memories, especially with the parts where they celebrate Thanksgiving. Yes, let’s not forget the Turkey Day episodes. What did the Patriots do? They used the faces of quarterback Tom Brady, receiver Julian Edelman and tight end Rob Gronkowski over several characters in some different scenes.

This is such an awesome idea! The Patriots used America’s iconic characters to celebrate the big day.

It is not really uncommon for teams to share similar sports on great holidays. But this version was definitely the best thing we have seen so far.

Once the team is done with its feasts, the Patriots will start getting ready for Sunday’s game against the Jets. It will be a hard game, but the Jets are ready for the big challenge that comes their way.

The team was plagued with injuries, but that is fine now. Rob Gronkowski is expected to join the team on the field, and that’s more than great.

The latest to be added to the Patriots injury report was Brady. Luckily, his injury is not serious, and he will suit up for Sunday’s contest. However, head coach Bill Belichick will not let Brady catch another pass in near future.

“I mean, I think if we throw a pass to him, if that happens once a year it’s a lot. We’ll take a look at each of our opponents and see what we end up doing from a game plan standpoint. But, yeah, I think we’re certainly aware of that, but there’s certain things that I think you have to do sometimes to win the game – and if quarterback sneaks in short-yardage, something like that where the quarterback’s going to get hit on a play like that, but it’s an important play and he’s very good at it. So, yeah, we’ll just have to evaluate those things going forward,” head coach Bill Belichick said.

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