What Bill Belichick Told Patriots in Locker Room After Win Over Jets

The New England Patriots used their bye week to recover from the loss to the Tennessee Titans, and they were more than ready to challenge the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. They won the game, and head coach Bill Belichick was more than proud.

Yes, reporters noticed that Bill Belichick was pleased with the result. That’s exactly what he told the Patriots in the locker room.

That is a good job grinding it out for a couple of weeks. Definitely got the running game going today. That’s a damn good job up front. Covering kicks better, stopping the run better, playing better as a team. Keep improving, keep working. We’re going to have a lot of work this week against a good football team we don’t know,” Belichick told the guys.

Belichick was in a good mood during his talk with Ordway, Merloni & Fauria.

“No better way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Division on the road, it’s always good to win a division game on the road,” he said.

The head coach talked about several topics, including pass rushers.

“Trey Flowers has had a number of hits on the quarterback. He had two or three yesterday that were — like on the interception we hit McCown right as he was releasing the ball, so I don’t know if that affected the throw or not. Certainly, a good thing. I think when you look at the overall passing game, the statistic that stands out the most in terms of correlation is pressure. Pressure on the quarterback leads to more bad plays than sacks do in terms of turnovers, unless you have the strip sacks. Obviously, that is No. 1,” he said.

“After that, pressures cause bad throws and potentially turnovers. In the end, it is about team defense. It is about having pressure with coverage and having the timing of those two be compatible. Good pressure without good coverage doesn’t help you and good coverage without good pressure, any quarterback will eventually find somebody open. You need those to go together and that is when you are playing good defense.”

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