Tedy Bruschi Broke His Silence On Josh Gordon’s Departure

Josh Gordon gave Patriots fans the surprise of their lives, and it was not a pleasant one. The receiver decided to step back and leave the game for now in order to work on his mental health. Former Patriots linebacker and ESPN NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi reacted to Gordon’s decision and his role in the team.

“It’s a big loss, to me. I think the offense was best when Josh was producing for them and he was reliable for Tom Brady on the outside as a receiver. Just want to step in personally in terms of Josh, just hoping that he does get himself right. If this is something that he needs to do … the New England community — I live there — they’ve embraced Josh Gordon. They’ve embraced the troubles that he’s had and him trying to get everything right in his life. There were times this year during the season where Josh was doing so much for this team it looked like he was on his way to playing good football again. But still, you know that there are some demons that he’s dealing with and you just hope that he’s able to get all of that right in his life,” Bruschi said.

“If this is something that he has to do for himself, everyone will support that. I support that because you only want what’s best for the player off the field, first and foremost. Moving forward onto this field now, that production that Josh has been giving to that New England Patriot offense it’s a big loss because they have to worry about (the) now. You see at times (the defense) is trying to take away Josh Gordon because they know the threat that he is so not having that on the outside is going to be huge for them.” 

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