Tom Brady Opens Up About Retirement

Tom Brady’s retirement rumors are still in the air, and things got all heated up when his wife Gisele Bundchen went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ellen asked the Brazilian supermodel if Brady will decide to retire in near future, and Gisele did not think twice before giving the best response on the quarterback’s retirement. In his interview with Jim Gray, Brady talked about her stance on the issue.

“She doesn’t talk to me about it at all. She’s so supportive. She wants me to be happy and do something I love to do. I think any wife wants you to be happy and healthy. And, you know, football is a physical sport. She’s been watching me do it for a long time and she knows how much I love it,” the Patriots quarterback said.

“I chose this sport that it’s a physical, violent sport. You see plays that change people’s lives and careers. One play changed Joe Theismann’s career. Look at the devastating injuries this season. It’s hard for family members who love you and care about you to encourage you to get back out there, deal with physical pain and they know that pain is inflicted. But I think for me, it’s been something that’s such a part of my life and I love the sport. I’m out on the practice field today and I’m just sitting there thinking, ‘there’s no place I’d rather be.’When you love something as much as I do and football has been that thing in my life that I’ve loved, I want to do it until I can’t do it anymore, can’t do it at a championship level. And that’s what my goal has been. She knows that, my family knows that and they’re all supportive of those things as well,” he added.

Well, Brady better understand his family and their concerns. They are about his well-being, that’s all.

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