Watch: LeBron Shares Surprising Video While Recovering In An Oxygen Chamber

LeBron James came to Los Angeles to help the Lakers become contenders, and he is definitely not going home with anything less than that. The king suffered a terrible injury during the game against the Golden State Warriors, and his latest treatment includes an oxygen chamber.

Yes, LeBron is ready to try every method to speed up his recovery process, even if it includes napping in an oxygen chamber. Have you ever seen a player that’s more motivated than the king?

Basketball players around the world praise LeBron for his high-end game. Well, he is the king of basketball after all. LeBron is playing his 16th season in the league, and he is not slowing down at all.

A million-dollar body care involves an oxygen chamber

If by any chance you did not know it, LeBron will spend millions of dollars to maintain his body. He spends most of his day in the gym, and there is an army of people who work for him.

The final result is more than brilliant. You can actually see all the effort he puts on a daily basis. In his first campaign with the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron pulled out great numbers. He has 27.3 points, 8.3 boards and 7.1 dimes.

Unfortunately, he had to stay on the sidelines due to the groin injury that put him out of the court for quite some time.

Before the king was sidelined, he was taking the team to the fourth best record in the Western Conference. However, the Lakers struggle without him, and they lost seven out of 11 games. They dropped to the eighth spot in the conference ranking.

We still do not have much info regarding his recovery, but we do believe that the oxygen chamber will do miracles for him. The Lakers fans still hope for the best scenario in the next few games.

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