Rob Gronkowski Seeks To Get Massive Revenge On Jamal Adams For Mascot Hit

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is not really happy with Jamal Adams’ tackle of the Patriots mascot. The future Hall of Famer is looking for a revenge for the incident that took place during last week’s Pro Bowl festivities.

“That wasn’t very nice,” Gronkowski told reporters Monday at Super Bowl Opening Night. “We’re going to have to figure out a way to get the revenge. That was not nice what he did. I heard the guy got seriously hurt.”

The NFL Network reported that the person behind the mask is dealing with jaw, neck and back soreness, but is super ready to travel to Atlanta.

The sad part comes when you realize that Adams said he does not regret the tackle that got him into trouble. Adams is convinced that he did not hit the mascot that hard. But, we have seen him rushing on the floor, and we can only imagine the force he used to tackle the mascot.

Adams better get ready for Gronk’s revenge

“I didn’t hit him that hard, man. All jokes aside, I didn’t hit him that hard. I don’t know what’s really going on, but they did tell me he’s in the hospital,” Adams told ESPN. “My intention was never to hurt him. It was all about just a joke but I definitely want to check on him and make sure everything is good.”

Gronk is focused on the Super Bowl, and words like ‘retirement’ does not even cross his mind.

“As of right now, that’s one of the last things I’m thinking about,” Gronkowski said of his retirement plans. “I love playing the game. … a few weeks down the road, you relax, you get some down time, enjoyment time and you just see where you want to go with it.”

The Patriots have arrived in Atlanta, and the Los Angeles Rams better be ready for the big game.

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