Tom Brady Pours Historical Praise On Patriots Cornerback Stephon Gilmore

Did Tom Brady just put Stephon Gilmore in the same sentence with Ty and Darrelle Revis? I guess he did.

The Patriots quarterback praised the cornerback during his news conference. Well, Stephon Gilmore earned each of those words.

Yeah, he’s had a great year and he’s been just so solid. It’s tough to complete the ball on him. We feel that way in practice. I’ve played with a lot of good corners and he’s right up there with the best of them. He knocks the ball away, intercepts the ball, makes the quarterback pay. He’s physical, good in the run game, good in zone, good in short, intermediate, deep. I mean, he’s all-around just been a great player for us,” Brady said of the cornerback.

Gilmore and the TB12 are the team’s only current Pro Bowl representatives. Gilmore allowed 42 catches on 90 targets with 466 yards along five touchdowns and two interceptions for a 46.7 percent catch rate and 71.8 passer rating allowed, as confirmed by sources.

Revis allowed 41 catches on 79 targets for 557 yards and two touchdowns and two interceptions for a 51.9 percent catch rate and 72.6 passer rating allowed in 2014.

Asante Samuel had an awesome season in 2006. He allowed 51 catches on 93 targets for 570 yards along one touchdown and 10 interceptions for a 54.8 percent catch rate and 37.3 passer rating allowed.

Devin McCourty had an impressive rookie year. He allowed 55 catches on 99 targets for 586 yards along four touchdowns and seven interceptions for a 55.6 percent catch rate and 57 passer rating allowed in 2010.

Aqib Talib was brilliant in 2013. He was able to allow 38 catches on 71 targets for 596 yards along three touchdowns and four interceptions for a 53.5 percent catch rate and 72.3 passer rating allowed in 2013.

Malcolm Butler had his best season in 2016. He managed to allow 50 catches on 90 targets for 724 yards along four touchdowns and four interceptions for a 55.6 percent catch rate and 78.2 passer rating allowed.

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