LeBron James Brings Golden State Warriors And Kevin Durant Claim After Lakers Loss

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the game to the Philadelphia 76ers and LeBron James made a bold claim about the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors are at the top of the Western Conference, and won four of their last five NBA Championships. That’s why LeBron says that the Sixers will have to try really hard to defeat Kevin Durant and his team.

“It’s two different teams. Two different makeups,” LeBron said. “Golden State is a well-oiled machine and they’ve been that for the last five years. They’ve added KD and he fits in perfectly to that puzzle piece. I thought [the Sixers] were going to be very good before they made a move anyway before the season even started. And they have made a bunch of moves to help improve their club.”

The Lakers tried to improve the roster and their ranks by making a nice offer for the New Orleans Pelicans player Anthony Davis.

Lakers director of basketball operations Magic Johnson could not seal the deal and went to Philadelphia to explain his reasons for doing so.

“He runs the team and he felt the pulse of the team either throughout the trade deadline or whatever the case may be, but just having him around, whenever that may be, is always good for the ball club,” LeBron added.

“This is a different season. Different circumstances because we’ve been injured. I’ve was injured. We’ve had guys that was in & out of the lineup throughout the whole season and then we have a couple new guys coming in.”

Kyle Kuzma was excellent in the game against the Sixers as he scored 39 points.

However, the defense failed to do the job, and the team could not win the match. Let’s hope that they will play better next time. They have to do that.

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