Camille Kostek Posts Cute Photo Of Riding Bikes With Gronk While In Miami

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Camille Kostek and her boyfriend Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski are having some great time in Miami. The gorgeous Camille has been dating Gronk for quite some time, and we really like their love story.

Their romance came right after Camille put an end to her cheerleading career with the Patriots. They have been inseparable ever since, and use every minute of their free time to have fun and visit places. The couple had a nice vacation with the Decker couple in Cabo, and this time Camille posted a pic of her and Gronk. And their bikes, of course.

Camille has been making headlines for quite some time. She’s been building a career step by step, and it seems like someone doesn’t like that. The beautiful model was hit with an unhealthy dose of criticism after posting a bikini-pic with Gronk. People attacked her for her “violin hips” and the body shaming was not the best way to say “hey, have fun on your vacation.”

But, Camille didn’t stay calm, and she responded to those who slammed her body figure.

“So the other week I posted a bikini photo while I was in Cabo. And it sparked an uproar of opinions on my body – both good and bad. I’ve been sitting on this for a few days, deciding if I was going to share this,” she said. “I’ve decided that I’m going to share a little bit of the things that I have seen. I was very emotional. I’m okay. I had a moment. I would never and have never picked up the phone to film myself crying. But I’m very happy that I have it because I’m able to look back on it and reflect and see how upset I was at these comments.

“They rattled me to the point where I was so hysterical. But I’m also able to look at that and see myself in so much pain and realize that that was just a small moment in time – and by people that I don’t give a **** about. Now, I usually don’t read into any of this. But this time, I did a little bit. I’m happy I did. The reason I say that I’m happy that I did is because it helps me grow. It helps me have thicker skin. It helps remind me of what’s important in life.”

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