LeBron James Sends Fans Crazy With Powerful Promise After Poor Debut Season

LeBron James came to Los Angeles with great hopes and big dreams. He was determined to turn the Lakers into contenders, but it didn’t work. The team was plagued with too many injuries, rumors, failed trade deals and disputes. LeBron’s injury was probably the worst thing that happened to the team, and it was actually the beginning of their end. The king made a big promise after the terrible season, and fans praised him.

“Believe me! Promise #LakerNation the spell won’t last much longer! I swear. The marathon continues!” LeBron wrote.

Fans jumped in supporting his promise.

“Bro you’re actually the biggest savage on this planet,” one of his followers wrote.

 “Comeback about to be crazy,” another added.

“We will be back!!”

 “It’s a process, Rome wasn’t built in a day… we lose and trust you @kingjames.”

This is actually great. The Lakers fan had a “sh***y” season as LeBron likes to call it, and it was about time that someone steps in and gives people some hope.

The front office made a few mistakes, LeBron was injured, the Anthony Davis saga happened, and so many other things that affected the game on the floor. LeBron isn’t the one to be blamed for the failure. He came to win and he knows how to win games. But, he can’t do that on his own.

LeBron joined a young core and a bunch of veterans, and it took a lot before they built some sort of chemistry on the floor. It wasn’t easy, and here are the results. It doesn’t get any worse than this, and LeBron knows it. He will miss the playoffs after a really long time, and it’s hard for him. But, he is also looking forward to his summer. That man deserves some time off and he is getting it. Keep up the good job, King James!

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