Los Angeles Lakers Projected Starting Lineup Vs. Clippers

The Los Angeles Lakers will have to go through a few more obstacles before losing the battle. The team has lost too many games in the regular season, includig the ones they played against weak opponents. The second half of the season always brings huge challenge, and LeBron James’ team will have to confront some tough opponents, including the Los Angeles Clippers.

The last time LA played the Clippers, they spent the night celebrating the big win. LeBron James is a starter again, and things looked really great for the Lakers at the beginning of the second half of the season. Unfortunately, they lost four of their last five games. The team is now outside the playoff picture, and that’s the last scenario the players hoped for.

LA lost the games to the New Orleans Pelicans without Anthony Davis, the Memphis Grizzlies without Jaren Jackson and the Phoenix Suns. Does it get any worse than this? The schedule is more than brutal. If there is such thing as life support in the NBA, the Lakers are on it now. They need every single win on their way to keep hoping for a spot in the playoffs. Now they have a chance to make a step closer to the final goal. Who is starting?

Rajon Rondo was struggling on defense, and his assist hunting is not the brightest spot in his resume at the moment. Luke Walton will probably remove him once Lonzo Ball returns to the floor.

Reggie Bullock was a starter in the past few games, but he did not close out the match against the Bucks. Is Walton losing faith in the newly acquired player?

Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma are definitely starting as the quality of their game has improved significantly.

LeBron James is the final member of the starting five.

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