Tom Brady Shares Emotional Instagram Post Congratulating Gronkowski On Retirement Decision

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski decided to retire, and each of his teammates shared an emotional message following his announcement. Quarterback Tom Brady was among the first to comment on Gronk’s Instagram post.

“Love u man! The GOAT! couldn’t be a better person or teammate,” he wrote.

TB12 took to his Instagram account to deliver the powerful message for Gronk.

“What an honor and privilege to play with you these past nine years @gronk! You accomplished so much and our team was almost unbeatable when you were on the field! Your fun-loving, inspiring, and positive energy made an impact on everybody you came into contact with! Not just that, but for as great as a player you are, you are a better teammate and person. The NFL was a better place with you in it! But I have no doubt you will be a success in anything you do!!! Love you pal!” Brady’s post read.

Brady always praised his teammate, and appreciated his skills on the field.

“Yeah, he’s a great blocker,” TB12 said after the Divisional Round. “I think that’s something that goes maybe a little under the radar with his skill set, but he’s one of the most dominant blocking tight ends in the league. Again, he’s a threat when he catches it. Just did such a great job there to start the third quarter. He’s a threat any time he’s out there.”

It was more than certain that Gronk brings the game to a whole different level. Everything was different when he sat out games due to injuries.

“When he’s not there, there’s just a different level with other players,” Brady said of Gronk earlier in the season. “Sometimes we don’t try some things because Gronk Rob Gronkowski’s not in there, sometimes we do.”

Good luck with your future plans, Gronk!

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