Lakers And LeBron James Sent Devastating Warning Amid Anthony Davis Gossip

The Los Angeles Lakers may try to trade for Anthony Davis this summer. However, Stephen A. Smith has something else to say.

Smith suggested that there is one particular reason that could spoil the Lakers’ change to land Davis.

The Lakers will have to make a few bold decisions this offseason. The team will now focus on the Draft Lottery. LA has enough cap space to sign Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving or any other free agent.

The team is also expected to sign a third star. Is it Davis? The Boston Celtics will be their biggest rivals in that case.

Rob Pelinka’s reputation may also affect the process of sealing a deal.

“Rob Pelinka, a person that I respect as an agent, who was accomplished as an agent,” Smith said on ESPN’s First Take. “But as an executive for the Los Angeles Lakers, whether they’re telling the truth or lying, the story circulating throughout NBA circles is that very, very few teams like him because he’s made a lot of enemies along the way.

“Folks don’t return his phone calls, they don’t pick up the phone to answer him when he does call. These are the things that they say about him. It may be grossly exaggerated. He may be being lied upon, but it’s said about him consistently.”

LeBron James was shocked by Magic Johnson’s decision to resign.

“It was just weird for [Johnson] to just be like . . . ‘Nah, I’m out of here,’ ” LeBron said in an episode of The Shop. “And not even have [a heads-up] like: ‘Hey, Bron . . . kiss my a–. I’m out of here.’ I would have been okay with that. Like: ‘Hey, Bron, it’s Magic. Kiss my a–; I’m gone.’ It wasn’t even that.

“What do you mean [stepped down]?” LeBron recalls telling Mims. “Like, from out of his car? I’m like: ‘Man, get the f— out of my face. You’re bulls—ting me.’

“We were like, ‘Damn, right now?’ It was literally 70 minutes on the clock before [tip-off]. [The team] is getting ready for a game. And you decide to do that right here, right now? I feel like there’s a time and place for things, and I believe that you knew you were going to make that decision. So why would you do it here? And why would you do it now?”

Smith believes that LeBron may reconsider his position in the team.

“If you’re LeBron James, why would you want to be in this situation in L.A.?” Smith said. “Where it’s Jeanie Buss there, Rob Pelinka there, it’s Linda Rambis there.”

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