LeBron James Posts Epic Instagram In Celebration of The Lakers’ Trade for Anthony Davis

LeBron James was all-in about signing Anthony Davis. The Lakers star was even criticized about his Davis comments, but he doesn’t mind any of that. Moreover, he knows that people will talk all the time.

”Ask me about Kyrie Irving. Giannis (Antetokounmpo),” he said in one of his interviews. “Ask me about (Joel) Embiid. Ben Simmons. Go ahead. All of them. Luka Doncic. Ask me right now. Come on guys, it is not rocket science. It is not rocket science., These are great players. Absolutely. I would want to play with a lot of great players, that is just who I am. So? People get caught up in bunches. Sometimes they wish they could control what you say and they can’t control me. At all. And I play by the rules.”

So, now Davis is making his way to Los Angeles, and LeBron couldn’t hide his excitement. He spoke about the trade, and yes, he has great plans for the team. he always has.

According to LeBron’s post, this is just the beginning.

The first attempt to get Davis was a complete failure, and many were full of doubts regarding the second attempt. Well, it was successful.

This gives the Lakers enough space to add another top player. David Aldridge of The Athletic says that Kyrie Irving may be interested in joining LeBron after Davis’ trade.

“If Davis waives his $4.7 million trade kicker, the Lakers will be able to add another star in free agency on a max contract. Whether it’s Kemba Walker, whom the New York Times’ Marc Stein reported as a potential Lakers target, or Kyrie Irving, whom sources have maintained for months wants to play with Davis, someone dynamic will likely be on the ball next season in L.A. (Cap guru Albert Nahmad pointed out Saturday that the Lakers might wait 30 days after the June 20 draft to officially execute the trade so Davis could keep his trade bonus.)”

So, we are more than excited to see what will happen next in Los Angeles. Who is coming next? Is it Irving? Is it Kemba Walker? There are too many speculations.

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