Tom Brady Celebrates 4th Of July With Awesome Patriotic Photo

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady delivered a very special message for the 4th of July, and let’s just say that he celebrated the big day with an incredible photo.

Athletes like to try their talents in other sports. We know that Michael Jordan had played baseball. We saw Stephen Curry playing in professional golf events. Tim Tebow did baseball after leaving football. How far would athletes go when it comes to competitive eating and 4th of July?

Scott Gleeson from USA TODAY  created a list of players they’d love to see taking part in such contest. Too many calories, huh?

Now-retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was first on this list. Of course.

“Known for eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before every Patriots game and maintaining a strict diet, Gronkowski’s life-of-the-party, beer-chugging personality pave way for legit fast eating prowess. However, he did just lose a lot of weight.”

Charles Barkley is second.

“OK, does this really need an explainer. Barkley’s hilarious, and clearly loves to eat. Case and point: In January, Barkley listed out his steak, chicken, pizza and donuts diet. Then when pitched a meatless burger, he replied, ‘They got a name for people who don’t eat meat — damn fools.’”

Can you see Tom Brady’s name on this list? Of course. He’s third.

“The TB12 Method features an almost all plant-based diet and has allowed Brady to exercise a fountain of youth. So watching the dude chug some hot dogs would be epic because the 41-year-old QB doesn’t look like he has many cheat days.”

New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson comes next.

“The 285-pound turns 19 on Saturday (meaning the entire time he was dunking on dudes in the NCAA he was 18), and he checks in as the second heaviest player in the NBA. We suspect he can put down some food.”

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes found his spot on this list, too.

“The 23-year-old NFL MVP has shown he’s also a decent basketball player, and any competition would suit him. He’s been touting his body transformation as of late — saying goodbye to “baby fat” — which he’d put right back on in an eating contest.”

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