Philip Rivers ‘Explains’ Why Tom Brady Might Not Be The Greatest QB

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has more rings than other football players, but Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers says he isn’t the GOAT.

In an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, rivers talked about several topics, including the ongoing GOAT debate. If you ask Rivers, he will say that the number of Super Bowls a quarterback wins shouldn’t be viewed as a main factor in the debate.

To make things clearer, Rivers talked about the end of Super Bowl XLIX.

“I remember thinking when the Patriots beat the Seahawks, when they had that interception against the Seahawks down [on the goal line] and that gave them what, their [fourth] championship?” he said. “You know everyone said, ‘Well, he’s now the greatest of all time.’ And I thought to myself, I already thought he was already one of [the greatest] — I mean, how do you ever decide that? It’s like the old Michael Jordan [debate], right? We could talk about that forever, too — but I already thought he was already one of the greatest of all-time, but because they intercepted the pass, he’s now the greatest of all time? What if the Seahawks were to run it in? And the Seahawks were to have won? Brady would have just played the exact same game. He didn’t do anything different, you know?”

Brady is 6-3, but he could also be 3-6.

“It is funny how that works, so I don’t look at that [Super Bowl wins],” Rivers added.

Rivers didn’t mention other players except for Dan Marino.

“That’s why I always think Marino is right there in the mix, too,” Rivers said. “All these guys. You can’t just go off that [Super Bowl wins]. I don’t think that you can. Not in this sport, especially.”

Well, Rivers was honest about one thing. Brady is better than him, and we all agree on that one. But, the GOAT-thing sort of got us confused. Rivers is making a mistake.

“No, I don’t think I can say that,” Rivers said. “A Brady-led team versus a Rivers-led team, we’re [winless]. That’s just tells you a little bit head-to-head.”

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