Tom Brady Threatens to Cut Patriots’ Rookie Chase Winovich’s Hair on Instagram

Chase Winovich messes with the wrong guy, and the GOAT is cutting his hair as a punishment.

The Patriots quarterback plans to chop off the rookie’s blonde locks.

“Sunday… the time has come! I’m sharpening my scissors now!” he commented on a photo of Winovich.

Winovich promised to be of great help for the Patriots this season.

“Ever since high school, my grandma has been promising me, if I played hard and I didn’t get hurt, she’s been promising me $5 and a chocolate bar, either Hershey’s or Sarris Candies,” the rookie told media members at Nissan Stadium. “So today was just another day where I just went out there and I said, ‘You know what, I’ve got to play hard. I need that $5, and I need the candy.’”

And it looks like head coach Bill Belichick is happy with his choice.

“Chase is a high-motor player,” the head coach said of the rookie. “He plays hard. He’s very good in pursuit. You see it in the kicking game, see it on defense.”

Winovich respects his own game, too.

“I really don’t know why I’m built like that. It might be a gift and a curse sometimes when it’s extremely hot and they’re just trying to run the ball away.

“I see the guy, and in my head, there’s a little part of me that’s like, ‘You’re probably not going to make this play. Maybe you should save it for the next one when it comes to you.’ But you’ll see me just sprinting and trying to hit somebody or hit something.”

Pretty much everyone is satisfied with how Winovich handles the football.

“Complete wackjob,’ Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown said when describing Winovich. “When he plays, he gets in the zone and he plays the game like a crazed dog, that’s for sure. He’s a little flamboyant off the field, not to the point where it’s distasteful or arrogant. He just has fun playing the game. After every tackle for a loss or sack I’d say, ‘Let’s see what he’s going to do now when he gets up?’ He’s going to be missed, that’s for sure.

“People are going to love the way this guy plays the game. I can see him being a four-team special teams guys. He’ll be a terror now. You won’t worry about mark, set go, he’s gonna go! He plays relentless with a great motor. He’s a never-give-up guy. They’re certainly going to fall in love with his work ethic.”

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