Watch: Antonio Brown Rolls Down Window, Talks To Patriots Fan On Highway

Fans are always important, and Patriots fans like Antonio Brown a lot. They knew that he was coming to Foxboro long before the Oakland Raiders released him.

Brown respects his fanbase, and he interacted with one of his fans near Gillette Stadium. Twitter user MalarneyJohn posted the video of the interaction.

Quarterback Tom Brady took his first selfie with Brown, and emphasized the importance of his relationship with his new receiver during his talk with Jim Gray.

“Yeah, you know we’re going to meet as much as we possibly can,” Brady said. “I think that quarterback-receiver relationship is so important. The more you know each other the more you know what each other’s thinking, the faster you can accelerate the trust and confidence in one another when you get on the field.

“I have that with a lot of guys that I played with certainly with the guys that are on the roster now, Julian [Edelman], Phillip Dorsett, Josh [Gordon]. You saw that last night. But when you haven’t played with guys, you got to try to do it as quickly as possible, and the clock is ticking on us right now. This is not the offseason program. This is about real games that count and we are going to try and spend as much time as we can together and really get up to speed and lock in with what are roles and responsibilities are.”

What’s even more important, head coach Bill Belichick likes him.

“(He’s) very difficult,” coach Belichick said of Brown in 2016. “He’s got a tremendous skill set, very quick. He almost always can create separation in his route. He’s a very good technique route-runner so he does a great job of setting up routes. He does a really good job of getting on top of the (defensive backs) almost stepping on the toes before he goes into his route so they can’t get any kind of — they can’t really anticipate it. He does a great job of stacking the defenders where he gets a step on the defender then he kind of cuts him off so that the defenders like a full man behind him so he can use his body to protect the ball on the deep balls. He’s hard to jam on the line because of his great quickness and then as I said, when he gets that half a step on the defender, not that he necessarily outruns everybody on the field, but once he moves in front of them and stacks them then he is on top of them.”

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