Lakers Overtake Clippers as Odds Favorites to Win NBA Title

Doubters didn’t even think that the Los Angeles Lakers would play this good in 2019. Well, their biggest fears have become reality, and LA has won six consecutive games. Moreover, they are already considered favorites.

The hot start of the regular season put the Lakers above the Clippers.

The only game LeBron and his team lost was the season opener against the Clippers. This doesn’t change anything, and oddsmakers are convinced that the Lakers would play much better than the Clippers.

The defeat on opening night served as a motivation for LeBron. He dominates the floor and records triple-doubles. LeBron is the oldest player to record three consecutive triple-doubles.

The Lakers will remain favorites

We are at the beginning of the regular season, and Anthony Davis overtook the Lakers’ record of free throws made in a game (26). LeBron and Davis are playing their best basketball, and that’s more than beneficial for the team.

Paul George is out of the game, but things may change after his return. The Clippers are a good team, but they aren’t as good as LeBron and this team.

LeBron likes to win games and that’s what makes him the greatest of all time. Channing Frye knows that. LeBron is hungry for wins, and this appetite will bring the Lakers a title. He won’t stop until he gets one.

Despite his terrible debut with the Lakers, LeBron keeps trying. And he tries really hard. Last season, he suffered a groin injury and missed the chance to prove doubters wrong. The Lakers missed the playoffs, but it wasn’t LeBron’s fault. It was his injury. His younger teammates needed a leader, and their leader was on the sideline with a torn groin.

Playing with partially torn groin is possible only if your name is LeBron James. He did that last season in an effort to help the team make the playoffs. Imagine his power for the rest of the 2019-20 season. He is healthy, strong and well-prepared. Nothing will stop him, and Davis is here to keep the ball moving. Dwight Howard, JaVale McGee and the rest of the players are doing their best to win.

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