LeBron James Shuts Down Lakers Heckler…’Your lady is embarrassed to be with you’

LeBron James recorded his third triple-double for the season. He proved doubters wrong, and this made him the oldest basketball player to record three consecutive triple-doubles. The Lakers are 6-1 at this point of the regular season. The Chicago Bulls were the last team LeBron defeated, but there are people who still criticize the king. This heckler is one of them.

Remember all those who said that LeBron is “a washed king?” Well, LeBron decided to teach them a lesson. With his triple-doubles.  

During a timeout against Chicago, LeBron proved that he isn’t washed when it comes to confronting his hecklers. A fan in the stand behind the Lakers bench decided to talk stuff. LeBron couldn’t just stay calm and do nothing.

“Your lady’s embarrassed to be with you,” the king told the heckler. There’s video evidence, too.

LeBron shut down the group of hecklers. They went after Anthony Davis, but he didn’t really bother with their comments.

King James led the Lakers to a 118-112 win over Chicago, but they did trail by 19 points in the second half before coming back. The Lakers outscored Chicago, 38-19 in the fourth quarter. Third-year forward Kyle Kuzma scored 11 of his 15 points during the game.

The heckler better watch these numbers

The king of basketball finished the match with 30 points on 10-of-19 shooting, 11 assists and 10 rebounds. In the past three games, LeBron plays really great, and shoots 47.7 percent from the field.

After losing the season opener to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Lakers defeated six teams. Kuzma played the last three games. He missed the start of the season due to a right ankle injury.

LeBron’s team is expected to be one of the greatest teams in the Western Conference. Davis has joined the team in an effort to help LeBron win a title. Well, hopefully, haters will stop saying that LeBron is washed up. Or they can continue doing that and give LeBron an even better motivation.

This season will be big for every NBA team, including the Lakers. They will go really hard, and LeBron won’t let his opponents win more games.

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