Tom Brady Shocks Fans With Tweet Hinting At Rob Gronkowski’s Return

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t play games with his fans or media members, and he always says things straight. Well, something changed Thursday, and Brady decided to troll Twitter. He used six simple words to write a tweet that made everyone crazy.

“Reunited and it feels so good!” the quarterback wrote. Yes, it has something to do with Rob Gronkowski.

Fans started talking about Gronk and the possibility to see him come out of retirement. Well, it looks like the tweet was linked to Brady’s business. The tight end was actually promoting his brother’s business which partnered with TB12. It’s Chris.

Yes, we didn’t think it was related to business either. At first glance, this tweet was more like a hint of Gronk’s return on the field. It’s business, yes, but it’s a business of football.

Brady is 42, and he still has some juice in him. Oh wait, he has plenty of juice in him, and doesn’t even think of retirement. Gronkowski is 30, and he prefers to be retired.

The tweet bomb

The last time we checked on Gronk, he was doing really fine with his retirement. The tight end really likes his new life, and it must feel good to have so much free time. Gronk is in the CBD business, and says he won’t return if the league doesn’t allow CBD.

To be more precise, Gronk hasn’t really thought of his return. Yes, he likes the option, and he had some really good time in New England. But he hasn’t even thought of putting on a Patriots uniform. He is super busy at the moment, and has great plans for his future. This doesn’t include a return in near future. Gronk doesn’t really see himself at all, but says it’s always good to have the option of return. He may return next year of maybe in four years. It’s always good to have the option.

“Do I think I might do it this year? I, uh, you know … Let’s put it this way: I just really haven’t thought about it,” Gronkowski said. “Like I said, I love that I have the option, but I haven’t thought about going back at all. I’m really busy with what I have going on. I have a lot going on. I don’t really see myself at all. But it’s always just good, like I said, to have the option. If it’s this year, next year, or even in four years, I feel like it’s just great to have (the option).”

Tom Brady supports his teammate, and he really wishes him the best. That’s the only wish Brady has for his dear friend and favorite target.

When it comes to the Patriots, they enjoy their bye week.

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