Watch: Rob Gronkowski Dances His Face Off With Hot Lakers Girls And Venus Williams

Rob Gronkowski won’t reunite with the New England Patriots this season, because he wanted to become a Laker Girl. Just kidding. But, the retired Patriots tight end decided to have some fun alongside a bunch of hot Lakers girls and Venus Williams.

Gronkowski hit the court at Staples Center on Tuesday night to join the Lakers Girls with Venus Williams and James Corden. He put up quite a show, and the crowd went wild.

Gronk enjoyed doing his high kicks, hip thrusts and other cheerleader-like moves. Was this part of Corden’s ‘The Late Late Show’”? We can’t really tell that Gronk was just dancing. There has to be something more than that. We do know that Gronk’s girlfriend Camille Kostek really loved the dance. Let’s not forget that she was a cheerleader for the Patriots. Oh, wait, was she really happy about this? Her message got us confused.

Tuesday was a big day for Gronk, and the Patriots nation was patiently waiting for his announcement. Gronk made his announcement early in the morning, and told everyone that he wasn’t going back with the Patriots this season. He would rather stay retired and party. When it comes to parties, we can see that he is having a really good time.

Gronk is responsible for all the rumors regarding his retirement. He kept giving hints about a possible return, and that was just enough for everyone to start talking that he will rejoin his team. Patriots owner Robert Kraft wanted Gronk back for the playoffs, and they even talked his reinstatement. Kraft also said that his tight end has yet to sign his retirement papers.

Fans really thought that Gronk would put on his Patriots uniform and play with his team again. He has to confirm his decision by Nov. 30. That’s the deadline NFL has for his reinstatement.

There were also fans who said that Gronk is just looking for attention. NFL pundits said the same thing, and some got even frustrated. Gronk is playing with our feelings. He should definitely make a decision and stick with it. The Patriots may use his help in the second quarter of the season, but they are also winning without him.

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