Bradley Beal Had Great Response On Teaming Up With LeBron

LeBron James’ team defeated the Washington Wizards, recording their tenth straight win. It was an incredible game, and media members couldn’t ignore the idea of asking Bradley Beal a question about his potential departure to LA.

Beal has already made a decision on his future and he chose to stay with the Wizards. The decision was made official, and Beal inked a contract extension in October. Though there was growing speculation about his departure from Washington, his new deal shut down every rumor. How did Beal feel last night? He was defeated by LeBron and could see the Lakers up close. King James and Anthony Davis do magic on the floor, and the Lake Show has the league’s best record. What would’ve happened had Beal went to LA?

“I’m good. They’re their own men. They make their own decisions,” Beal said the duo. Both LeBron and Davis left their teams to sign a deal with the Lakers.

“At the end of the day, there’s no guarantee you’ll win a championship by jumping ship. Only one team wins. When it comes down to my decision-making, I really factored that in. It looks great, but the grass isn’t always greener.”

Bradley Beal can’t go anywhere

That is great news for all Wizards fans. Beal doesn’t look like someone who regrets a recent decision. He has to be aware of his current situation, because he has to stick with the team through the 2020-21 season.

If Beal hadn’t inked his contract with Washington, any similar question-and-answer would’ve been considered bad. Beal inked his contract extension, and we don’t really have any questions left.

The Wizard can’t sign with a different team even if he does give a second thought. The NBA won’t allow him to be traded for at least six months after signing his extension. 

In Friday night’s game, Beal had little to no help on the offensive end. The Lakers tried really hard, and their excellent defense focused on him, and Beal scored 18 points on 5-of-13 shooting. That’s terrible.

The Lakers, on the other hand, have an incredible game, and they created a perfect base for the rest of the season. LeBron proves everyone wrong, and doubters have started taking their words back. He isn’t washed, and his triple-doubles do the talking. Hopefully, the king of basketball will stay healthy in the next few months. The Lakers need the best of him.

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