Danny Green Says Anthony Davis Has Been ‘Pushing’ LeBron James to Play Elite Defense

Danny Green is really successful in his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The team has a 17-3 record at this point in the season, and things look really good for the organization. The Lakers have a great chance to make the playoffs this season. Unlike 2018, this season is much better, and the team had the best start. LeBron James had the best regular-season start, too. He has never had this much success at the beginning of the season.

Anthony Davis is here to support the team, and he was signed at the best moment. The Lakers needed another star on the roster to help LeBron win more games and lead the team to the playoffs. They didn’t make it last season, but they will definitely gain more success this season.

Green talked about Davis’ impact on the team’s defense, and his comments were more than positive. He said the star was the Defensive Player of the Year, adding that Davis is led by his actions, by his vocal and his communications. According to Green, Davis has helped LeBron do all the things he does on the floor.

“He’s been the Defensive Player of the Year,” said Green. “Hands down. He’s led by his actions, by his vocal, by his communication. His standards for everybody and for ‘Bron (LeBron James). He’s the reason why you see ‘Bron out there scrambling and hustling, doing all the things that he’s been doing. He’s been pushing him on that end of the floor. We all have, but those two have a special relationship. AD has been leading by example and with his words and what he’s done vocally. That’s why our defense has been so great thus far. We want to try and be better for the full 48, but he’s the foundation of our defense.”

Davis’ impact on the game is more than obvious. The Lakers are third in both defensive rating and points allowed per game. The former Pelican is averaging 2.8 blocks per game, which is right behind Jonathan Isaac for second in the NBA.

The Lakers are playing really well this year, and hopefully, their star players will stay healthy.

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