Julian Edelman Sends The Patriots Nation A Christmas Message

Christmas is always about tradition. It’s the most beautiful time of the year, and families meet to spend some lovely time together. Kids wear matching onesies, and adults wear Christmas sweaters with reindeers and Santa Claus. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman delivered a very special message to the Patriots nation, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Pretty much every American celebrates the big day, and there’s something special about Christmas. NFL players have to balance family and football, and the New England Patriots are pretty busy at this point in the regular season. New England makes the Super Bowl pretty often which means players don’t get too much time off.

For the McCourty twins, Christmas is all about tradition. They respect every detail of the great holiday and use the opportunity to gather the family over a nice Christmas dinner.

Devin has had to balance family and games during his 10-year career. The Patriots have won the AFC East every year he’s been in the NFL. However, his brother is on the team now, and things got a little easier.

“Last year we took a family picture. It was brutal; we had kids crying. We’ll see if we can work on that this year, see if we can get everyone to smile. I highly doubt it,” Devin said. “But things like that, we didn’t get to do before. Christmas meant FaceTiming each other and letting the kids talk to each other. Now it’s a lot of fun just to be able to go to each other’s houses.”

For Tom Brady, Christmas is all about love and family. In 2018, his gorgeous wife, Gisele shared a romantic photo of her and Brady sitting near a Christmas tree. Oh, yes, they share a kiss in that photo. The Brazilian supermodel was wearing a pair of reindeer ears. That’s the perfect way to spice up Christmas pics.

Christmas is the most wonderful holiday, and we can’t wait to see more pics from the Patriots family. Players like to share a pic or two to keep fans updated. Seeing all those Christmas trees, lights, presents and smiles makes us really happy.

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