Patriots Offense Showing Scary Improvement And That’s A Threat For AFC Contenders

Doubters wrote off the New England Patriots too soon. Yes, the team struggled with the offense, but the whole thing changed overnight. The Patriots’ offense did an excellent job in Saturday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

TB12 threw for 271 yards and completed his first 10 passes. Brady hit nine different pass-catchers, got 143 yards of run support and defeated the third-ranked scoring defense.

“We knew we were going up against a pretty good defense. They played well. They’re hard to move the ball on,” Brady started. “I don’t think too many of us thought about the season. It really was just one game and what we needed to do to move the ball and score points against a really good team. All those evaluations and stuff take place after the year. We’re just trying to grind our way through it.”

Brady entered Saturday’s game with a terrible five-game stretch. Well, he changed that. If you ask Julian Edelman, he will say that this was a statement victory for the offense.

“I don’t know anything about all that,” Edelman. “I’m just happy we got away with a big win against a good opponent.”

“I think it was more balance than we’ve been in. We ran the ball good and effectively against a really good defense. That’s always good,” TB12 said. “One game doesn’t always lead to the next. I think you just have to keep building week-to-week on some things that we did good that worked out, and the things that didn’t you kind of move on from. We knew it was going to be a tough test.”

Head coach Bill Belichick gave credit to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels for the success. He pointed to TB12 as the main reason for the success.

“I think we’ve all see Tom play a lot of his best football in the most critical games of the year, in the most critical situations in those games,” Belichick said. “Nobody prepares harder than Tom does, and he was ready to go.

“He was on the money. He was sharp. Again, that’s what we need from everybody this time of year. We’ve got to play like this every week or our season is going to end quickly.”

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