Julian Edelman Shares Epic Valentine’s Day Photo

Julian Edelman knows how to make us laugh. The Patriots wideout decided to have some fun, and he took to his Instagram to share this hilarious photo. Edelman was super thrilled about Valentine’s Day, and his photo is amazing in so many ways. It features a squirrel. Rings a bell?

Edelman is really active on social media. He keeps us updated and shares pics here and there. But, we never thought that he’d post a squirrel. Maybe this has something to do with his nickname. We don’t know.

The wideout knows how to have fun even if it includes an arrest. Edelman was arrested after the police caught him jumping on someone’s car. He probably did that while hanging out with Danny Amendola. As if this wasn’t enough, he was caught partying with Demi Lovato. Yes, the Super Bowl party.

Edelman knows how to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Edelman has a history of dating beautiful women. Models mostly. He had a romance with Adriana Lima. The mom of his daughter is a supermodel. Edelman and Ella Rose raise a really beautiful little girl, and Lily gets a lot of love from her parents. Dating isn’t really easy for the wideout, because his partner has to click with his daughter. Yes, this may seem like an audition for some women, but we really respect that. Edelman is a devoted dad, and he wants the best for his little girl.

2019 was a really good season for the wideout. Edelman had the best performance when compared to other wideouts. Although he is more efficient in the postseason, Edelman tried really hard to help the team win games in the regular season.

Maybe he had a motivation to keep him going. We don’t know much about his love life, and we would love to get more details. Who is he dating? Is there someone special in his life? We’ll just wait for Edelman to bring out the big news. For now, we will have to satisfy with his preparations for the upcoming season. He has great plans for 2020, and the Patriots will need him to win games. Hopefully, Edelman will stay out of trouble this season.

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