Watch: LeBron Reacts To 120-116 Win Vs. Nuggets

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets with a 120-116 overtime win. LeBron James and his teammates did an incredible job against the Nuggets. Although this was a tough game, the Lakers stacked yet another win. The Nuggets follow their steps, and even head coach Frank Vogel warned his players about this. If you ask King James about his team and their current standing, he will say that LA is right where it needs to be.

Last season was really bad for the Lakers, and they didn’t even get the chance to make the playoffs. LeBron was injured, and he missed a lot of games. His younger teammates struggled on the floor. There were no chances for them to win games. Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka traded some of these players away. They wanted to get Anthony Davis on the roster. Davis is part of the team now, and he helps LeBron to win even more games. He was the perfect addition to the roster.

Let’s go back to the game against the Nuggets. LeBron and his team own the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. The Nuggets are No. 2. Of course, the Nuggets won’t give up without a good fight. LeBron and his teammates are ready for this challenge. They showed that in the game against Denver.

LeBron and his Lakers were successful against the Nuggets

LeBron finished the game with 32 points (15/29 FG, 1/7 3PT, 1/4 FT). He had 12 rebounds and 14 assists in the overtime win against Denver. Davis finished the game with 33 points. This is the team’s 17th consecutive road victory vs. a Western Conference team. The Lakers are 41-12 at this point in the season. They have a three-game lead over Denver for the No. 1 spot of the conference.

Frank Vogel is right. The Nuggets are dangerously close to his team. The Lakers have worked really hard to make the playoffs. It’s more than obvious that they won’t give up that easily. LeBron and Davis make the best duo in the NBA. They have everything it takes to win a championship. Will they take the big reward for their effort?

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