Paul Pierce Was Dominated Repeatedly By LeBron James According To These Stats

Paul Pierce thought he had every right to criticize LeBron James, but he forgot his stats. Pierce’s problem with LeBron started in 2004, and it was never brought to an end. In his most recent shot at the Lakers superstar, Pierce said that LeBron is definitely not part of his Top Five NBA Players of All Time list. This didn’t sit well with many people, and many NBA fans criticized the Boston Celtics icon for his hateful comments.

Pierce said that LeBron would never make his top 5 list because he has never built an organization. He compared LeBron to Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and a few other legends, adding that LeBron joined an already existing tradition.

A lot of athletes criticized Pierce for his comments, and we do believe that NBA fans will no longer call him “The Truth.”

Pierce will get another reality check. LeBron was dominant over him throughout the games they played against each other. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar scored 40+ points five times and 30+ points 39 times when he confronted Pierce. This is not something you underestimate.

Paul Pierce ignores LeBron James and his stats

Pierce decided not to respect LeBron and ignore everything he has done in his professional career. Some say that he is a bit jealous of the four-time NBA champion. The 16-time All-Star smashed Pierce to become the best player in the East. Pierce will never forget LeBron’s dominant force and all the times he lost to him.

Truth is, Pierce could never guard LeBron. This makes King James the best players of all time. He is now on his third team, and yes, he carried each of his teams on his back. LeBron helped the Cavaliers win their lone title. He may not have established a team on his own, but he helped his teams win championships. Moreover, LeBron won most of the games on his own. He can make his teammates better players. He can push the team to the top. This makes him the GOAT. Pierce was spitting words of hate. Stats don’t support his claims. LeBron is the greatest of all time, and Pierce should find a way to live with it.