Kobe Bryant Vs. LeBron James… Everything You Need To Know

Late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and superstar LeBron James have been part of every GOAT discussion so far. There are a lot of similarities between these two. But, there are also too many differences. This makes LeBron a unique player. Kobe is an icon.

LeBron has a lot of strength, and this helps him walk into the paint for a layup or a huge dunk. He has added a lot of finesse to his game. In the past few years, King James has been using a spin-move to counter paint defenders who try to put their feet on the floor and absorb the contract. He has turned into a better inside scorer, and yes, he is the best in today’s game.

Kobe and LeBron offered different qualities

When it comes to outside scoring, Bryant destroyed his opponents with his excellence of the mid-range.

LeBron is an excellent playmaker. He has had the best playmaking ability since high school. Everyone understood that he was a pass-first player. LeBron always looks for his teammates first before trying to score for himself.

Bryant had incredible footwork. He wanted to stick to basic basketball moves but those moves were adjusted to perfection. He’d never waste a dribble or a step. Every move he made had a purpose.

LeBron had a great number of chase-down blocks. His signature chase-down brought him a title.

Kobe has a total of 12 NBA-All Defensive selections and ranks second in the league history. Tim Duncan has 15. He always defended the rival’s best player.

When someone says ‘clutch,’ we say ‘Kobe Bryant.’

LeBron has a photographic memory. He learned how to use his memory to win games. Some say he has learned every playbook of every team in the league. This helps him attack and counter-attack teams when needed.

King James has four MVP awards. He was about to earn his fifth, but the NBA suspended the season.

Bryant has five and LeBron has three titles. LeBron still plays, and he has three years left with the Lakers.