Patriots’ Julian Edelman Takes Shot At FS1 Host Nick Wright

The New England Patriots lost Tom Brady in free agency. Brady isn’t the only key player the organization lost this offseason. Kyle Van Noy and a few other players left the team and signed a contract with new teams. Well, Nick Wright suggested that Julian Edelman should leave the Patriots, too. Sort of.

Wright discussed a possible trade scenario that would send Edelman to the Detroit Lions. The former Super Bowl MVP responded after a few days, and we believe that Wright won’t like any of it.

Let’s be honest. Edelman blasted Wright for his comments about his future in New England.

“If Bob Quinn & Matt Patricia gift Tua Tagovailoa to the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick for the 23rd pick, a third-round pick and Julian Edelman, I’m out!”

Yes, Edelman didn’t like any of that. He provided a short yet lethal response. “Nice hairline bro,” he tweeted.

We don’t know whether Edelman was joking. Maybe he was serious. It’s interesting to note that Edelman wrote the tweet early in the morning.

Julian Edelman provoked Nick Wright

Wright didn’t ignore that. He responded to Edelman’s tweet and even blasted him for the comments and his off-field problems. Yes, he was referring to Edelman’s arrest and the charges he faced. Edelman jumped on someone’s Mercedes-Benz but the charges were dropped.

“Julian! Good to hear from you, in the middle of the night, responding to a week old clip. Yes, the quarantine has been bad for a number of things, not the least of which is my hair situation. Such is life. Congrats on ducking charges for the vandalism & public intox rap, tho!”

This won’t end here. Edelman won’t just sit there and do nothing. He doesn’t like when people blast him or say strange stuff. Wright wanted to send Edelman somewhere else, and the wideout really likes the Patriots. He’d in no way leave New England.

Edelman was among the first to react to Brady’s departure. He promised to stay in New England.

He is determined to help the team win more games in 2020. Edelman is the strongest wideout on the Patriots’ roster.