Watch: New England Patriots Truck Delivers 300K Face Masks To NYC

Can you imagine seeing Patriots and Jets players standing on the same side of the road? Well, COVID-19 actually brought people together. Patriots owner Robert Kraft sent a tractor-trailer full of N95 respirator face masks to NYC. The truck pulled up to the Javits Center.

Kraft bought the masks from China and brought them in the country with the team’s jet.

“We’re all in this together. Headed to New York with hope, love and 300,000 masks for healthcare workers,” the organization wrote on their official Instagram page.

The Patriots owner said he plans to donate 300,000 masks to NYC to help authorities stop the spread of coronavirus. The Kraft family paid $2 million for 1.7 million masks. Massachusetts and Rhode Island will also get their masks.

The jet landed at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport early Wednesday. Staffers loaded it with 1.2 million N95 masks within a few hours. The aircraft landed in Massachusetts on Thursday as confirmed by NBC affiliate reported.

The Patriots will bring more face masks to the US

Kraft will bring the remaining 500,000 masks with the second shipment.

“Seeing what’s going on and how things are so difficult, this is a gift of ours, these 300,000 masks and the transportation to the people of New York,” Kraft said on NBC New York. “We want to give hope and good cheer at this time, that we’ll all [be] banding together and trying to do what’s right.”

The coronavirus caught the entire nation off guard. We are losing thousands of people every day. Over one million people tested positive for coronavirus. Sadly, some people still ignore the fact that the number of infected people can double overnight. According to the WHO, we can only wash our hands and stay home. Self-isolation is a must these days. The number of infected citizens is on the rise. It’s time to pay more attention to the guidelines and think twice before going out just for fun. The world needs us. We need the world. Italy lost too many people in March, and medical professionals still struggle to save the lives of patients who struggle to catch a breath. Stay safe and wash your hands!