LeBron James Gets Heaps Of Prise From A Former NBA Champion

Many analysts agree that Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time. He has impressed pretty much every talking head in the league. LeBron has been dominant on the floor, and his impeccable basketball skills have been more than amazing. The 6-foot-9 forward received great praise from every NBA champion. Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas was the last to praise LeBron’s skillset.

Thomas was really talented back them. He was playing some rough basketball in the 80s. Thomas played in the era of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Dr. J, and Michael Jordan. It was interesting to see all the great players confront each other on the battlefield. It was an era of brutal basketball. Teams had to win the game at any cost. Thomas was a point guard with a height disadvantage. However, his layups and incredible speed made up for his mistakes.

Thomas appeared on “Inside the Green Room” podcast with Harrison Sandford and LA superstar Danny Green. They talked about several topics, and Thomas mentioned LeBron’s greatness. He talked about endurance and said endurance played a nice factor in the game against the competition.

Fans will remember LeBron as NBA champion

Thomas praised LeBron. He revealed his admiration for LeBron as a basketball player and true leader.

“LeBron James is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen as a basketball player. I say Kareem’s the GOAT and everything else, but what I’m watching with LeBron James, I’ve never seen nothing like this. I have never in my life, my basketball watching life seen a player do what LeBron James is capable of doing.”

Thomas defends LeBron as an excellent player. No other NBA player has praised LeBron this way.

“Assists-wise, rebounding-wise, scoring-wise, leadership-wise, off the court-wise, we had nobody like this dude,” he said.

LeBron led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a title in 2016. This was the team’s first title. They hadn’t won a title, and this one came after a big effort. The Cavs overcame a 3-1 deficit and defeated the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors had 73 wins that season, and they were invincible. But, LeBron and his team found a solution to “the problem.”