Michael Jordan’s True Thoughts About LeBron James

Michael Wilbon is a former journalist for The Washington Post. He was really close with Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan. Wilbon is probably the only person to share Jordan’s thoughts on LeBron James.

This revelation came after the release of “The Last Dance,” a documentary on Jordan’s success with the Chicago Bulls.

Wilbon was a confidant of Jordan, and he opened about what MJ thinks about the three-time NBA champion. He went on The Rich Eisen Show, and shared the details.

“This is an off-the-record thing that he would probably frown on me for telling, but I’m going to tell it,” Wilbon said. “There were times earlier in LeBron’s career, and sort of sprinkled throughout, where people got critical of LeBron. Whether it was ‘The Decision,’ whether it was a play, passing off to Donyell Marshall, whatever. People think Michael Jordan resents LeBron. To me, there’s evidence to the contrary, in that there’d be a phone call.

“I’d answer the phone, and this is what I’d hear on the other end. ‘Hey, don’t take a shot at LeBron, that’s just garbage. This kid is great. There’s no need to take a shot at him.’ That conversation is playing out with him knowing it’s not going to be repeated — it’s not going to be told on PTI, it’s not going to be written about in the Washington Post, or on ESPN.com.”

Jordan’s thoughts on LeBron don’t come as a surprise

We don’t really know if Jordan would like the fact that Wilbon shared their conversations. Will this revelation affect their relationship? But, we can’t even blame Wilbon. He gave us a really different perspective of the relationship between Jordan and LeBron. Truth is, LeBron isn’t the only player Jordan defended. He also stood up for Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, and many others.

“So that happened,” Wilbon said. “And that happened with young players that Michael liked, like somewhere between occasionally and frequently. You know, defend Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, early on… there were certain players Michael would call up and say, “Hey, hey, stop. This is not…” or if he knew I knew the person he’d say, ‘Tell your boy he’s wrong.’”