LeBron James Breaks Silence on The Six Children Murdered by Gun Violence

Police reports reveal that at least six children died as a result of gun violence over the weekend. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James heard about the death of the children, and delivered an emotional message. This tragedy made him sad, and LeBron couldn’t really believe that someone is capable of doing something like this. The king of basketball was horrified. It was frustrating and this tragedy makes us ask one question. When did it all go wrong?

LeBron has every reason to feel this way. He and his wife, Savannah, have three children on their own. Bronny, Bryce Maximus, and Zhuri Nova make them really proud. They make LeBron happy, and the Laker can’t even imagine the horror these parents go through at the moment. These murders horrify every parent in the nation, and it’s time to do something to stop this. We need to protect our kids and all the innocent people in the streets.

The kids, ages 6 to 14, were all killed while doing regular things. Someone was driving in mom’s car. Another kid was walking in a mall and yes one of the kids was playing with cousins. Why is this world so mean?

LeBron James stands by the families of the poor children

The 8-year-old Secoreia Turner from Atlanta was sitting with her mom and another adult. Suddenly, they heard gunshots on University AVE SW near I-75/85. The driver did an attempt to pull into a parking lot on Pryor Road, and someone started shooting at the vehicle. Police records confirm that someone had placed illegal barricades in that particular area. The Mayor will provide a $10,000 reward for information in the case as confirmed by Crime Stoppers.

This is just one example of the viciousness that thrives among us.

Royta De’Marco Giles, 8, Hoover, Alabama, Davon McNeal, 11, Washington DC and Natalia Wallace, 7, Chicago died in the shootings. There are other victims, and the police has yet to release full reports.

We do hope that the killings will stop. These kids are our future. Why would anyone shoot and put a kid’s life in danger? Stop for a second and think about that.